Thursday, 2 January 2014 +

She's crying . Non stop .

"You had promise to me.." Crying . Disappointed .

He stand there . Can't speak . He knows that this is his own fault . He blame his self for not being loyal . For not waiting her as he had promised .

Wiping her tears with her own hand . Head up . Then smile . The broken smile appear .

"If you want me to break up with her , i will . Please , give me a chance . I'm begging you ." Again , he's crying because of a girl . The same girl which had left him before .

For a minute there , he lost his self .

"No , please don't . You don't have to do that . I will go . out from your life . Never comeback ."

''I don't wanna lose you.'' He kneel down .

''Well actually , you had lose me since you started in love with her.'' She said .

''I will forget your promises . I will pretend like you never said that.''

She walk away .

Then he quickly grab her hand and kiss her lips . slowly .

The wind blow smoothly and again , it is the perfect moment to let someone go .

She push him .

"Please , this is what you had choose . Stop it , i won't back to you ."

"Fine.. But remember , just because i let you go , doesn't mean i wanted to.''

Now it's like he is play a video which he pressed the previous button when he had to let her go . But this is the permanent goodbye .


Now she's alone and waiting for sadness to kill her .

The guys which she's hoping that will wait for her now betray her .

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