Wednesday, 28 November 2012 +

I still regret a lot . I wanna turn back times . Even if I try to erase your presence and your name , I can't forget . I , who pushed your clinging body away . I , who regretted after sending you away .
When the time passes and passes , when the pain becomes memory , I miss you :'/
Just me who is crumbling without you is left here . Now , I'm just can smiling as there is nothing wrong .
I can't forget you even if I die . I won't send you away , because I can't live without you . It is like I can't do anything after losing you . My world is on pause :'(
I'm sorry for everything I did wrong . It's all I can say . My world empty without you .

I'm sorry , 
Mianhe ,
Saya minta maaf ,

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